Hi all!

As part of the world conference pre-tour I will be sharing updates so that those unable to attend the conference are able to see some of the tremendous Guernsey cows and delicious products that many of our breeders value add with.

With the tour kicking off in Houston, Texas, we started off with a cow-free day – or so we thought! With our leisurely start with a visit to the Space Center, there were non other than a group of Texas Longhorns in the fields next door to provide some entertainment.

The Space Center was truly amazing – the history of mans’ journey to the moon and the challenges and innovation that had to happen to achieve success were incredible. It was fascinating to see the  work that goes on behind the scenes for the astronauts to fly. From spacesuits to Mars rovers, visiting the mission control center, the 747 that was modified to carry the shuttles and one of the Saturn V rockets, so many incredible technological advancements that have then also benefited society. Seeing the way missions are planned and packed, how science experiments are carried out on the International Space station, and even the details on what astronauts eat – certainly a potential to send Guernsey milk into space to help with preventing osteoporosis on the ISS!