Farms: Dix Lee Guernseys

From Branson we drove to Dix Lee farm – Keith, Katie, Brett & Whitney are all so welcoming and the herd is ready for our arrival. The 60 milking Guernseys are intensively grazed, kept on pasture year-round and fed free choice hay, with grain in the dairy. There are many lovely young cows walking through the herd, but a large number are older cows, showing longevity, functional type and making the profits to enable the Dixons to continue their passion. A standout is a nearly 19 year old cow – Dix Lee Gargoyle Dela with 15 lactations behind her and still milking. She continues to move freely, if a little slower than some of her younger compatriots. Daughters of the Dixon’s own bull – Freedom are open, silky dairy cows with high, wide, snug udders as 2 year olds. We only see a few Dudes, but the heifers have good strength and width from front to back. There are a number of different bulls represented in the overall herd, but the Dixons have pulled out a few standout numbers into the catering tent along with Brett’s cows from Still Dreamin dairy. Tinkerbell (Aaron) and Fawn EX-93 (Kojack) make lunch a very pleasant affair. Missouri hospitality is in full swing and we are treated to a full cookout to enjoy.

From Dix Lee we then commence the long drive to Keokuk, IA, taking in the many sights of the mid-West, and seeing firsthand tornado destruction.