2019 World Conference + Pre-Conference Tour

The 2019 WGCF pre-conference tour is now in full swing in the lead up to the 16th World Guernsey Conference - follow us on Instagram @worldguernsey for live updates, or check out our blog for daily updates here.


PRE-CONFERENCE TOUR: Starts MAY 21, 2019 in Houston, Texas

WGCF CONFERENCE: JUNE 9-12, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

POST-CONFERENCE TOUR - June 13-15, New York State 



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Lavon Farms is owned and operated by Jonathan Moore and Todd, Deanna, Madison and Maxton Moore. The farm has raw milk sales off the Lavon Farms location, and the Springville Farm produces milk for the Moores’ Lucky Layla branded dairy products. Springville Farm houses 400 milking cows, roughly 50% Guernsey and 50% Jersey, as wellas 400 replacement heifers. Over the years, Lavon Farms has been home to many National Show winners,including the Total Performance Cow at NGS-Madison in 2015, Lavon Farms Gembo Pepper EX-92. Currently, Todd serves as a Member-At-Large on the American Guernsey Association Board of Directors.

Dix-Lee Farm, MO

Dix-Lee Guernseys is a three-generation operation, managed by Keith Dixon, his daughter Katie Dixon, and her daughter Whitney Yerina. The herd of 60 milking Guernseys is intensively grazed, kept on pasture year-round with free choice hay andfed grain in the double-6 herringbone parlour. The RHA on 70 cows is 16,254M 4.7% 760F 3.5% 567P. Dix-Lee Guernseys began in Maryland, moving to Missouri in 2002. The Dixons have accumulated many awards and recognition throughout the year: Keith has been named the Master Breeder, Katie and brother Brett have both been named the Outstanding Young Breeder, Brett has been the Outstanding Youth and Katie the National Guernsey Queen.The farm has been home to the top Living Lifetime Fat and Protein producer for several of the past few years, Dix-Lee Gargoyle Dela. In 2005 & 2007, they had the winner of the Guernsey Gold Futurity (Voodoo & Izzy). Dixons had a Total Performance Winner at a National Show in 1998, 2009 and 2017. Whitney and Dix-Lee Kojack Fawn were Reserve Grand Champion of NJS-Madison and Supreme Champion of the Missouri State Fair in 2015. Fawn’s granddam Fawna was Grand Champion of NGS-Harrisburg in 1998 and was Grand or Reserve at a National Junior Show for five consecutive years. Dix-Lee Tiller Joke topped the 2007 National Convention Sale and went on to be a great brood cow at Springhill. Currently Dixons are using a variety of sires, including Dix-Lee Lonestar Flynn (herd bull), Freedom and Dude and AI sires Nate, Kojack, Jester, Ladys Man, Drone and Latimer. Many daughters of Villa Crest Royce and Mar RalMethod, two bulls obtained from Verl Weaver, are also in the herd.

Knapps Guernseys & Rolling Prairie Farms, IA

Randy and Wanda Knapp own and operate Knapp Guernseys with sons Austin and Landen. The herd consists of 110 milking cows, about 70% Guernsey and 30% Brown Swiss. Their RHA is 20,000M, and cows are milked in a tie stall, with half being housed in the tie stall and half in a free stall barn. Knapps are known for their show ring dominance and building massively successful cow families, including that of Knapps Ace Tamera EX-93, currently the leading cow in total registered daughters, and dam and granddam of numerous All-Americans. Knapps have also built the herd up on other show-winning and productive cows such as Pinebreeze Telestar Andora EX-95 and Westlynn Tom Dee EX-96. Sires currently in use include American Pie, Ladys Man and Drone. Knapps are among the leaders in All-American Nominees every year, and are consistenly Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at World Dairy Expo and the North American.In 2018, Knapps were Premier Breeder at NGS-Harrisburg, NGS-Madison and NGS-Louisville.

Rolling Prairie Farms is home to one of the largest 100% Guernsey herds in the country, as well as the oldest active Guernsey herd in the state of Iowa. Dan and Ann Walther own Rolling Prairie with sons Jordan and Jaaron Walther and daughter Jillian Heavens. The family milks 250 Guernsey cows twice daily in a double-12 parallel parlor, and cows are housed in an adjoining bedded pack barn. The herd’s RHA is 16,500M 750F 550P. For sires, Rolling Prairie uses a varietyof their own homebred bulls, as well as sires collected privately from other breeders. There are many favorite cow families to look for at Rolling Prairie, including the “B,” “K,” “T” and “J” families. Registered Guernseys have been part of Rolling Prairie since 1924.

Jens Gold, Golden J, Idle Gold, Valley Gem, Hoard's Dairyman, Lang Haven, Coulee Crest & Guern-Z-Meadow, WI

Jens-Gold Farms, LLP is owned by Dale and Teressa Jensen and Lyle Jensen. The current farm has been with theJensens for 50 years, and today they milk 211 Guernsey cows with an RHA of 16,285M 754F and 571P. The farm has a tie stall barn and free stall barns, and the Jensens use a combination of active and young sires. In 2004, Jens Gold Royal Oak Z Spruce EX-92 was named the Total Performance Cow at NGS-Madison, and was Honorable Mention All-American that year. Spruce went on to become a tremendous bull mother, and was the dam of popular bulls Blue Spruce and Special. Another bull-producing family is that of Jens Gold Double L Cinch EX-90,dam of Crunch, Copper and Cimeron, as well as several high-producing and scoring daughters. One such daughter that combines these two favourite families is Jens Gold B Spruce Chick EX-90, a Gold Star Dam with records to 21,000M 4.8%F 3.4%P. In 2017, Jens Gold Copper Coin was the first bull sampled by the new Guernsey Gold Sires group due to his elite Net Merit, positive DPR and Udder traits. In 2002, Dale Jensen was named Master Breeder by the American Guernsey Association

Trent and LeAnn Jensen own and operate Golden J Guernseys with son Jordan and daughter Chelsey. They milk 90 head of Guernseys and Jerseys in a tie stall barn, with an RHA of 18,728M 892F 645P. The summer of 2019 marks 20 years of Golden J Guernseys, which has already racked up several accomplishments. In 2005,Trent and LeAnnwere recognised as the National Oustanding Young Farmers, and in 2017, the Master Breeder. Also in 2017,Chelsey was the National Outstanding Guernsey Youth. A favourite at Golden J is the family of Golden J Oak Grinch EX-90, dam of Grumpy, Gary and Geo and grandam of Garrett and Gotcha. Other favourites include the 2018 Honorable Mention Junior All-American Aged Cow, Golden J Prada Zazoo EX-90, Golden J Yogibear Fuzet EX-91 and Jens Gold Goliath Butter explore VG-85, a foundation cow at Golden J. Current sires in use include Brogdon, Legend, Jaguar, Jaeger, Novak and Alex.

Neil and Janice Jensen, with daughters Laura and Jillian, own and operate Idle Gold Farm, started in 2001 with the purchase of Krull’s Twin L Farm Guernseys. Over the years, Neil and Janice have purchased top-quality cattle from numerous cow families to help develop their herd, and often market their cattle privately and through consignment sales. The herd consists of 140 milk cows, including 110 Guernseys and 30 Holsteins, and their RHA on 128 records is 17,077M 4.6% 744F 3.4% 558P. The herd is rotationally grazed six months per year on 17 three-acre paddocks. In the winter, cows are housed in free stalls. They are milked in a step-up parlour. Currently, the Jensens are using all of the Guernsey Gold Sires, as well as Herald-P, Concert, London and Grumpy, and make an effort to sample every young sire available. Like Jens Gold and Golden J, Idle Gold is also known for producing many quality AI bulls. A favourite cow family is that of Idle Gold Royal Contessa-ET VG-88, dam of numerous bulls including Casanova and Caspian, and sister to Idle Gold E Challenge-ET, one of the most influential bulls of the 2000s. Currently making waves is Golden I Leora EX-90, a perennial CPI leader and Gold Star Dam with over 120,000M and counting. The Hope family is also well-known in the show ring, most prominently through Idle Gold Stud Humorous EX-93, Unanimous All-American in 2014, and the new young sire Idle Gold A Herald-P.

In 2016, Valley Gem Farms celebrated 100 years of registered Guernsey ownership. From 1921 to 1994, the farm existed in Washington state, and home-delivered Guernsey milk to customers until 1980. In 1994, Valley Gem made the move to the dairy-friendly state of Wisconsin, and expanded the herd of Registered Guernseys to today’s 160 head,including about 70 Guernseys, and the remainder Holsteins and Jerseys and a small amount of Milking Shorthorns and Brown Swiss. Valley Gem Farms has been solely owned by the Grewe family since 1961, and currently is owned and operated by Roy and Gina Grewe and Brandon and Kim Grewe. The cows are in a free stall barn or pack barn and milked in a double-8 parallel parlour, with a 2018 Guernsey herd average of 16,849M 4.9% 807F 3.4% 573P. Sires in use include Herald-P, Ladys Man, Bucky and Valley Gold Kojack Hit It, homebred and owned with partners at Idle Gold Farm. Valley Gem has bred and exhibited numerous All-American nominees and winners in the past few years, from a varietyof cow families both homebred and purchased. One favorite family is that of Mi Wil Tiller Malibu EX-94, brought from Kim’s home herd to Valley Gem. Malibu was the All-American Total Performance Cow in 2012, and is still making a mark as an exceptional brood cow. Additional favourite families include that of Sniders Sharp Daze EX-91, granddam of popular bull Daniel; Valley Gem Sabers Honey EX-91 and Valley Gem Victorys Farrah EX-91.

Currently owned by the W.D. Hoard and Sons company, Hoard’s is the largest and longest continually-registered Guernsey herd in the United States, begun by W.D. Hoard in the late 1800s. Jerseys were added in 2009, and now the herd consists of 360 milking Guernseys and 185 milking Jerseys. In 2018, the Guernsey herd averaged 21,774M 4.8%1,027F 3.6% 781P. Cows are milked in a free stall parlor setup. Additional recent changes include the farm beginning to produce a small amount of artisan cheese from the Guernsey milk in late 2018. Sires in use are mainly those available from Guernsey Gold Sires. There are numerous cow families making waves across the world with Dairyman prefixes, due to the herd’s careful breeding and sending bulls to AI with quality health and production traits. A recent addition to Guernsey Gold Sires is Dairyman Orbit Phantastic, an Orbit from Dairyman Cordell Phanny EX-90, sister to the component improver Dairyman Mint Phonze. One of the most notable cows calling Hoard’s home is Rolling Prairie Bella Blue EX-95, who has produced many successful sons and daughters. Many more cow families are represented in young sires such as Pride,Jordy, Richard, Renegade, Neptune, Profit and more. In addition to the Guernsey accolades, the Jersey herd also ranks in the top five in the US for milk, fat and protein.

Gurn-Z Meadow is owned by the Orchard family, including Ed, Julie (Orchard) and Jolie Bacon; Jennifer Orchard;William Orchard; Kristi Orchard and Brian, Dane, Alex and Olivia Laufenberg. The herd of 150 Guernsey and Holstein cows are milked with two Lely A4 robots and housed in a three-row freestall barn, generating an RHA of 23,766M 4.5% 1,011F 3.4% 767P. Gurn Z Meadow is consistency a top herd for milk, fat and protein in the United States, due to their early adaptation of robots. There are five main cow families that trace back to Julie, Jennifer and Kristi’s grandparents’ herd, including those of Gurn Z Meadow Tropic Moonbeam EX-92, Gurn-Z Meadow L Heavenly Haven EX-91, Gurn Z Meadow Char Calypso EX-91, Gurn Z Meadow TLR Jo Lizabeth EX-90 and Gurn Z Meadow Prism Porcelain EX-90, all cows with numerous production and All-American accolades.

Coulee Crest LLC is home to 280 cows, including approximately 85 Guernseys, with the remainder Holsteins and Ayrshires. The farm is owned and operated by Kurt and Scot Peterson, along with their parents Don and Dorothy. The herd is housed in a free stall barn and compost barn and milked in a swing-10 parlour, with an RHA of about 20,000M. The favorite cow family at Coulee Crest is well-known worldwide: Coulee Crest Nick Lorilyn EX-91 has become a fantastic brood cow for the Petersons, sending sons Legend and Lakoda to A.I., as well as many grandsons and now even great-grandsons such as Ernie, Latimer, Logo, Beaver and Beau. Don took over the family farm in 1958, converting the small grade Guernsey farm into a fully registered herd. Kurt joined the farm upon graduating from UW-River Falls,and expanded the herd in 1998 and again in 2008, when Scot joined the farm.

Lang Haven Dairy has been in the family for over 70 years, with the farm as it exists currently starting in 1996,when Kathy Langrehr’s father, Rich Schomburg, merged his herd with Don and Kathy’s and built the 8-stall step up parlour. Don and Kathy currently manage the farm with daughters Kirstie and Jenna. Currently, the Langrehrs milk 70 Guernsey and Holstein cows, with the bulk of the Guernsey herd tracing back to Dairyman Frank Norma VG-86, purchased as a calf from Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, where Don and Kathy were the herdsmen from 1987-1991. The Langrehrs developed this family into a litany of brood cows and bull mothers, with sons such as Novak, Navajo,Navarro, Nico, Ninja and more. Also well-known from this family is Lang Haven Tiller Nirvana-ET VG-89, three-time All-American nominee. Lang Haven has been home to six different #1 CPI cows and in total have sent 17 bulls into AI. In 2000, Don and Kathy were named Oustanding Young Farmer, and were awarded Master Breeder in 2014.Current sires in use include their own Novak and Watch Me, as well as Latimer, American Pie, Ernie and Beau.

Land of Living, Springhill, Pine Grove, OH

John, Bonnie and Lucas Ayars own and manage Land of Living Guernseys on Ayars Family Farm. There are 100 total Guernseys in the herd that also has Brown Swiss, Holsteins and Jerseys. Their RHA is 19,209M841F 706P and cows are housed in a combination of box stalls, loose housing and free stalls. Attendees of the Conference can sample Ayars’ ice cream and cheese products. The Ayars were the first Guernsey breeders to use sexed semen and register an IVF calf,and are known for numerous All-Americans, National Champions, Premier Exhibitor banners and class-leading records.Some key families at Land of Living include those of Grace, Jenny and Happy, and recently they have invested in several Tamera family members. Current sires in use include Latimer, Jaguar, RO Levi, Ladys Man, a select group of young sires,and the cover bull Springhill SM Thunderstruck (Altitude-P x Knapps Fame Topeka-ET EX-94). The Ayars frequently host events at the farm, and last fall, the farm hosted a Farm Aid concert with Luke Bryan that drew large crowds from allover the country. At this year’s Conference, the Ayars are pulling no stops, welcoming attendees to the World Conference Tour Sale and Ayars Family Farm Dispersal, where around 50 quality head of Guernseys from Ayars Family Farm and select consignors will be sold.

Chris Lang is the General Manager of Springhill, which he operates with Herdsman Marshall Overholt and Assistant Herdsman Kyle Erickson. After their herd reduction in 2018, Springhill now milks 60 Guernseys as well as a handful of Holsteins. Currently, cows are housed in either box stalls, a compost barn or a pack barn, and milked in a double-6 herringbone parlour. Their 2018 Guernsey herd average was 18,277M 4.8% 866F 3.5% 630P. Sires currently in use include Jaguar, Lone Star, American Pie, Novak, Mentor, Altitude-P, Latimer and Herald-P. The year 2019 marks 200 years of Springhill, established in 1819. Springhill led the pack in All-American wins in 2018, with eight total wins, and they were associated with 21 total nominations. Springhill has had eight National Junior Champions in the past 10years, and in the last five years, have had either Grand, Intermediate or Junior Champion at World Dairy Expo every year. Springhill has also been the top Holstein and Guernsey herd in the state for production. The two most influential families at Springhill are those of Dix Lee Tiller Joke EX-93 and Campbells Rodneys Unify EX-94. Joke was the first Guernsey purchased after the Langs decided to get back into the Guernsey breed, and turned out to be a wise choice,producing several successful sons and All-American winning progeny–as well as top CPI cows and class-leaders for production. Unify was a longevity queen, and most recently the Honorable Mention All-American Aged Cow in 2015 at the age of 13. She was also the dam of the Unanimous All-American Produce of Dam in 2018, comprised of the Unanimous All-American and Reserve All-American Senior Two-Year-Olds.

Pine Grove farm has been in the family for over 100 years. Currently, the farm is owned by Reuben and Esther Miller along with son Frederick and his wife Melissa. The herd consists of 30 milking Guernseys, and some additional Jerseys,milked in a tie stall barn. Cows are pastured during the summer, and in the winter, fed corn silage, bailage and grain.The Millers are aiming to have an A2A2 herd, using sires such as Copper, Novak and Aarons Levi, and many young sires such as Lady’s Man and Charming. Their 2018 herd lactation average was 14,839M 4.6% 676F 3.7% 497P in 305 days.There are two main cow families that the Millers consider their favourites. The first is that of Pine Grove Kringle R Alta EX-91, who has a few young daughters starting to enter the herd. The other favourite is that of Pine Grove Spider Rebecca VG-89, whose family likely has the greatest overall influence at Pine Grove. Rebecca is the dam of Pine Grove Quebec Royal, a popular outcross sire with Australian influence and several Excellent daughters. The favourite cow currently in the barn, though, is Pine Grove ROL Mona VG-87, who was the Reserve All-American Spring Yearling in 2017 after being Reserve Junior Champion at NGS-Louisville.

Trotacre Farms, TWIN BROOK FARM, Rivendale, Maple Bottom, Snider's Homestead, Misty Meadows, Warwick Manor, PA

The Trotter Family has owned and operated TrotAcre Farm in Enon Valley for many generations. Currently, the herd consists of 200 milking cows, including Guernseys, Holsteins, Jerseys, Ayrshires, Milking Shorthorns, Brown Swiss and Red and Whites. The 2018 Guernsey herd average on 14 cows was 20,427M 4.7% 924F 3.3% 667P, and TrotAcre is a consistent leader in production and CPI, as well as churning out many show ring favourites. Cows are milked in a double-12 parallel parlor and housed in free stalls. Sires in use include Ernie, Ladys Man and some sons and grandsons of Sniders Garret Ashanti-ET EX-94. TrotAcre bred and owned the current World Record Holder for Milk, Trotacre Tiller Brenna VG-85, who made 47,340M 1,633F and 1,446P in 365 days at 7-08. Brenna was of course sired by Trotacre Loral Tiller-ET, one of the most influential sires of the breed. Another prominent cow family is that of Windsong Spade Hope EX-91, with multiple daughters that made class-leading records, including Trotacre Indian Altanic Honey-ET EX-92.Another prominent Tiller daughter is Trotacre Tiller Maelyn-ET EX-90, who was All-American in 2015 and has made over 27,000M 5.0%F 3.2%P. Trotacre Almas Ali EX-91 is another big-time producer, with over 46,000M 3.7%F 3.0%P in 365 days, and several VG and EX daughters also beginning to make exceptional records. With their partnership with LilyLane Farm, Trotacre has begun investing in additional prominent cow families, including the purchase of Coulee Crest AP Lorilee EX-90, the breed’s only third-generation 40,000M cow. Lorilee is the dam of Paokie Lil Ernie, a top young sire. Currently, Trotacre sends milk to United Dairy, and are in the process of beginning Naturally Golden Family Farms with other Pennsylvania Guernsey herds to produce Guernsey milk products.

Twin Brook Farm is owned by John and Becky Marchezak, who milk 50 cows, including Guernseys, Jerseys andHolsteins. The Guernsey herd is owned in part by Grace Marchezak as well as John and Patty Marchezak McMurray and their grandchildren. Cows are housed in free stalls with access to pasture, and milked in a tie stall barn with automatic take-offs. The Guernsey RHA on 17 cows is 16,976M 4.5% 770F 3.3% 558P. Sires in use include Ladys Man, Beau, Titan,Copper, Lakoda, Lightning, Legend, Kringle and Ernie. Twin Brook Farm was established in 1952 when John Marchezak bought the first farm. He eventually purchased two other farms, and started with all Guernseys. Golden Guernsey milk was bottled and sold through an on-farm store and home delivery from 1959 until 1969. Twin Brook added Holsteins with the purchase of one cow and five heifers in 1970; and Jerseys in 1991, when there were more children needing 4-H projects than Guernsey calves available. In 2017, all of the Holstein cows in milk and close-up bred heifers were sold,with the goal of developing a speciality market which may include A2A2. Currently, Twin Brook ships milk to United Dairy. Over the years, Twin Brook has bred, developed and shown national show champions, production winners, All American nominees and excellent cows. The McMurray grandchildren have four All-American nominees this year.

Maple Bottom is owned by Vickie, Mike, Lee and Clara Baker and operated with Herdsman Shelby Hawkins. Many of Vickie and Mike’s nieces and nephews have also become involved with showing Guernseys: Lilly Ansell, Elizbeth McCloy and Silas McCloy. The herd started as a 4-H project for Vickie in 1987. The herd has grown from that project, and in 2019, Maple Bottom will be a founding member of Naturally Golden Family Farms, which will process Golden Guernsey milk products. Currently, there are 70 Guernseys total, including 25 lactating cows. There are 170 additional head consisting of Holsteins and Jerseys and a small amount of Brown Swiss, Ayrshires and Milking Shorthorns. Most of the milking herd is housed in a freestall with a DeLaval VMS robot, while the Guernseys are housed in freestalls and milked in a tie stall barn. Maple Bottom focuses on health traits and A2 status when choosing sires, and are utilising the AGA’s Genetic Recovery Program to expand their Guernsey numbers. Foundation cows at Maple Bottom include Maple Bottom Pizza Pie EX-91, Reserve Junior All-American in 2014, and Coulee Crest Laredo Lacole-ET VG-83, daughter of Flambeau Manor Decision Lori-ET and dam of the young sire Lugnut, a top bull for Milk. Vickie was awarded the Outstanding Young Guernsey Farmer in 2013, and is President of the Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders Association,President of Purebred Publishing and Treasurer of the AGA. She also serves as a 4-H Dairy club leader in her county. In addition, Vickie works for Zoetis. The robot was purchased in 2016 to enable Vickie and Mike to spend more time withtheir children, and focus on the cows. They are opening The Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast at Maple Bottom Farm in 2019 to provide education and agritourism at their robot facility.

Snider Homestead Farm was homesteaded in 1892 by Berneta Gable’s great-great-grandfather Jacob Snider.Today, the farm is owned and operated by Berneta and herhusband Brad, along with their son Aaron, his wife Amy and children Bella, Blaire and Cannon. Berneta’s grandfather started the herd on DHIR in 1945, and her fatherstarted showing in 1952. Snider Homestead is one of six families that have exhibited at the All-American Dairy Show every year since 1964. Today, the cows are milked in a 55-stall barn with eight automatic take-off units.Cattle are housed in the stall barn and a free stall barn, with loose housing in the winter and pasture when weather permits.The herd consists of 104 milking Guernseys and 30 milking Holsteins with an RHA of 15,890M 4.5%F 3.3%P. Additional youth members that help at Snider Homestead and exhibit cattle are Allie, Brooks, Eionand Nolin Snider and Chase Cessna. Sires in use include the Guernsey Gold Sires lineup, Drone, Ernie, Ladys Man,Copper and Fireworks. Snider Homestead has owned five National Champion Cows: Sniders Telestar Heaven VG-89, 1993 NGS-Harrisburg; Guerndale Fayettes Robin EX-93, 1996 NGS-Harrisburg; Sniders Opp Georgie EX-93, 1999 NGS-Harrisburg and NGS-Madison; Cedar Fringed Altann EX-95, 2000 NGS-Harrisburg and NGS-Madison and her granddaughter Sniders Garrett Ashanti-ET EX-94, 2017 NGS-Louisville. These days, Snider Homestead is possibly best known worldwide for the influence Altann has had on the breed through her sons, most notably Aaron and Alstar. Many more sons and grandsons of Altann have been sampled as well.

Misty Meadows Farm was established by Beth's grandparents, the late Robert (Bob) and Dorothy Smith, in the 1940s. They continued to milk an all Registered Guernsey herd until retirement in the early 1990s. At that time, a select nucleus of the herd was retained with Bob caring for the young stock at home and a few milking cows housed at Snider Homestead Farm. The current herd is 25 Guernseys, with calves, heifers and dry cows housed in a bedded pack barn at home, and cows still at Snider Homestead. Beth assumed care of the calves and heifers in 2004. In 1990, she served as National Guernsey Queen. Chris was raised on his family's Reich Dale Farm, a Holstein and Jersey herd, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. He spent 20 years preparing cattle for shows and sales across the US, Canada, and Germany and was the recipient of the 2008 Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award at World Dairy Expo. Chris has been a part of Misty Meadows since 2010 and took over more of the day-to-day operation after he and Beth married in 2016. Over the years, the family has bred numerous All-American nominees and award winners with the highlight being Misty Meadows Levi Suede-ET EX-94, who was Unanimous All American Junior Three-Year-Old in 2015 and four-time National Grand Champion. Her full sister,Misty Meadows Levi Sienna-ET VG-88, was a National Grand Champion in 2016 and Reserve Intermediate Champion to Suede at WDE in 2015. Along with Beth's parents, Sherrill and Sam, they also raise a herd of 50 registered Black Angus cattle.

Kevin, Dina, Kaila, Karli and Kolby Stoltzfus own and operate Warwick Manor Farm, where they milk 60 Registered Guernseys in a tie stall barn. Cows are housed in a bedded pack barn, and their award-winning herd has an RHA of 21,247M 5.7% 1,219F 3.2% 684P.Milk from Warwick Manor Farm is processed into Guernsey-branded dairy products. The Stoltzfus family loves to exhibit their cattle at Harrisburg, Madison and Louisville each year,competing and also making friends along the way. Their main goal is to have cows that are competitive at national shows and make outstanding records. “Nothing lights my fire more than having a Component Queen that is also Nominated All-American,” says Kevin. The most exciting cow family at Warwick Manor is the “Selma” family, which has churned out many All-American nominees over the past several years. Their partnership with Dr. Joe Piskorowski also enabled them to co-own Sniders Yogi Anise-ET EX-94, a daughter of Altann, and there are many Anise descendants in the herd. Current bulls in use include Ladys Man, Latimer, Drone, Ernie and Anise grandson Axel.

Post Conference Tour

Ripley Farms, Coon Bros., Del’s Dairy Farm , NY

Coon Brothers Farm, LLC is home to Smithfield Guernseys. The farm is owned by Peter, David, Isaac and Amos Coon,spanning multiple generations of the family. The herd consists of 375 mature Guernsey and Holstein cows. Their Guernsey RHA is 15,167M 779F 516P, and cows are housed in free stalls. Many Smithfield Guernseys can be found onthe top-indexing lists, including the December 2018 #2 CPI Cow, Smithfield Logo Mood VG-83, whose NM$ of +430 ranks her among the elite. Her relative, Smithfield Novak Hot Day, was the #4(T) CPI Heifer in December 2018 as well,with seven additional heifers in the top 200. Coon Brothers Farm is a member of the Hudson Valley Fresh and Cabot Creamery co-ops. Currently, they are using Logo, Novak, Copper and several young sires in their mating program.

Dels Dairy Farm is a recently-formed Guernsey operation, with 100 Registered Guernseys in a 25,000-square-foot freestall barn with a Galaxy Astrea 20.20 robot. The dairy is owned by Evangelos Lamprou and Kimberly Van Mersbergen.The Galaxy robot constantly collects data, which gives the farm staff the ability to analyze any changes in cow habits,health and production. All milk produced at Del’s is processed in their own creamery and sold at retail locations under the name Duchess Creamery. Currently, they produce full fat whole milk and flavoured milks such as Maple, Coffee and Chocolate. Soon, they plan to produce ice cream as well. Large portions of the herd were acquired from Donnybrook Farm in Wisconsin, Dales G Guernseys in Ohio and Welcome Stock Farm in New York, as well as many purchases at the 2018 Springhill Encore. The herd uses exclusively A.I. sires and animals are tested for A2A2.